Wellspring's Care Ministry


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As people have shared their stories during Lent, we are reminded of the inevitability of pain and sorrow in our lives and in the lives of others.  The Care Ministry at Wellspring offers an invitation to those of us carrying a heavy burden that we do not have to walk alone.  Care Ministers are trained to be present, to listen, to pray, and to honor the person and the struggle as together we walk down an unchosen path.  Care Ministers try to be the companion that Job wished he had.

Grassroot comfort from the congregation has always been a Wellspring strength.  For me, the benefit of a more intentional ministry arose out of the Altar Prayer Ministry. At times when people were seeking prayer during the service, their circumstances begged for more prayer, more listening, and more time. I thought there was an opportunity for the laity to do more.  I had been trained as a Stephen’s Minister and wanted to look for that type of ministry at Wellspring.  The idea had been simmering when Julie Mihevc identified it as a valuable component of the Compassion Ministry.  With her encouragement and inspiration, we began exploring the ways different churches provide one-on-one care through the laity.  Ultimately, we decided to develop our own training using “A Pastor in Every Pew: Equipping Laity for Pastoral Care” by Leroy Howe as an organizational framework and tailoring the class material and our discussions for the particular needs of the Wellspring Community.  As the training continues we will use many different resources.

A key element to the Care Ministry is care for the Care Ministers.  We meet once a month.  Part of the time is devoted to training and part to the support of the Care Ministers as they minister to others.  It is important to note that confidentiality is maintained and no personal or identifying information about the Care Receiver is shared.  The training has been an opportunity for self-discovery and growth.  As we learn to care for our community we also learn to care for each other. And a shout out to our first Care Ministers, it has been a complete joy to share this journey with you!

This training is integral to the care relationship because the relationship is, by design, not reciprocal; it is time and presence for the Care Receiver.  Ideally the Care Minister and Care Receiver will meet at a regular time and place once a week for an hour.  They choose a mutually convenient and comfortable location which will allow for conversation and prayer.  The blessing and grace is the combination of a person going through a difficult time in their life sharing an hour with someone who is present in that moment, who can hear their story and offer encouragement, scripture and prayer.  There are no other expectations. It is unique and important because it is nothing more. If “more” is needed, the Care Minister may suggest other professional resources.

The Care Ministry is just one way we can show the love of Christ.

If you feel called to this ministry, or if you would like a Care Minster to walk with you, please email Christy Beaton or call Christy at 303.789.1007 or Wellspring's main office at 303.789.2878. 

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