On Leading Life Groups


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By Leah Robin

Life Groups are one of the ways we find community, practice hospitality, and grow in discipleship within our body at Wellspring.

Perhaps you recognize the need to join, start or lead a Life Group, but you don’t feel up to the task.

Driving one morning to the Life Group of women I lead, my emotions were punctuated with a sense of inadequacy. That past week had been characterized more by anxiety and worry than by worshipful joy and peace. I didn’t feel worthy or talented or spirit-filled enough to lead these women. Surely, they would see right through me.

Perhaps you are in a similar spot. You long for community and you may even feel called to start a Life Group. But the thought of leading is a daunting one.

Lately, I’ve been challenged to remember that we do not lead because we are good enough or have it all together. We lead because the world needs to see people following Jesus – and that only happens when we let others into our messy, broken lives.

Leading is not about us. It’s not about egos or self-gratification. Leading is about serving. It’s about showing up. It’s about creating spaces for people to be known, heard, accepted and challenged. It’s about acknowledging the image of God and sin in each of us. It’s about obedience to fill a need.

Ultimately, leading is all about moving others toward following Jesus, not us.

So we step out in courage, we invite others in faith, and we show up with vulnerability.

And trust me, that is when we are blessed. That morning I showed up regardless of feeling unworthy turned into one of our richest group times. The Spirit was present. The women responded to His invitation to press more deeply into Him.

Okay, this is all great, you are thinking. But how do I actually lead a Life Group? Great Question.

Here are five ways that our staff and other Life Group leaders have found helpful to cultivate community, hospitality, and discipleship.

1. Share a meal together. Whether it’s brunch or dinner, breaking bread together is one of the ways we share life and experience deeper friendship. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can rotate eating at people’s homes, or have everyone bring a dish to share. Sharing a meal as part of your weekly rhythm is a great way to “do life together.”

2. Ask Two Questions. Every week, check in with your group with these two questions: What is God saying to you this week? How are you going to respond? The level to which you model authenticity is the level to which your group will match. Be the first one to be transparent and vulnerable.

3. Open the Word. Whether you decide to go through a Book, follow the sermon series, or craft your own study, we are called to be people of the book. Paul said “he was not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God…” (Romans 1:16) and the Psalmist declared that he meditated on God’s word day and night. When we come under the Word as a community, there is power for lives to truly be transformed.

4. Pray Together. Pray for each other, for our Church Wellspring, for Englewood, for Littleton, for our schools, our nation, our world. Utilize tools like “Prayers of the People” or Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer. We can’t underestimate the power of prayer to create unity within our groups and be empowered by the Spirit to live out the rest of the week!

5. Serve Together. Have you ever been in a Bible Study where it begins to feel stale but you don’t know why? More often than not, this is because we’ve been focusing inward to the exclusivity of the outward. We need to be known in community and serving our community. Sign up to serve a meal at The Well as a Life Group once a month. Go on a street outreach with Beloved Ministry. Rallying around a cause has huge potential to bring your group closer together.

So who is God calling you to lead today? Step out in courage, invite others in faith, and show up with vulnerability! Let us know about your beautiful (and imperfect) Life Group’s story.

Contact Katie Gayle at katie@wellspringcolorado.com to learn more about Life Groups.