Church of the Advent Update

By: Rob Paris

Church of the Advent

Five years can fly by! It is hard to believe that Church of the Advent was sent out from Wellspring in January of 2011. Wellspring has changed a lot and so has Advent. I miss those of you I had the privilege of serving alongside of for 7 years at Wellspring very much. I know many of you are new since I left and might not know much about Advent. I’d love to share a little about Advent’s past and invite you to participate with us in a small but significant way as we continue to move forward in the call of our great and gracious God.

I never expected or wanted to plant a church. Through the discernment of many, and the participation of a core team of 18, however, we dreamed of a church in the Baker neighborhood that would extend the impact of God’s grace that has been so evident at Wellspring.

We retained the focus on dynamic Anglican worship and neighborhood ministry that Wellspring has always been known for and sought to include a particular concern for relational discipleship, utilizing a curriculum we developed. It has been a challenging five years with a lot of transition (we have trained and sent out five full time pastors), but we have been tremendously blessed. Through potlucks in the park, tutoring elementary kids, working with the mentally challenged, cleaning alleys and yards, prayer walking, and game nights at Hirschfeld Towers (a low income high rise for seniors) our little community has impacted many lives.  And we have grown from the initial 45 Wellspring sent out into a small but mighty church of just over 100 people.

From our first Sunday we have been meeting in the Mi Casa Resource Center at 4th and Acoma. It has been a great space for us, but, Mi Casa is selling their building. When we became aware of this a year ago, we started preparing immediately and began fundraising to purchase our own space in the Fall.

A couple months ago, we sensed that we might have to move out of Baker, a very hard truth for us. And then, a few weeks ago, an amazing opportunity opened up on a beautiful church at 678 King St. Long story short, our offer was accepted and we signed the contract the day after Easter. It will be a bit of a death for us to leave Baker, but we believe God is raising us up to a new life and ministry in Villa Park, a nearby, lower income neighborhood, where we can continue the legacy that we began 5 years ago.

The discernment process will continue as we work through inspections and a congregational vote, but the indications are that this historic church building from 1916 will provide us with a wonderful space from which to serve both the neighborhood and our people. There is so much more to share and to celebrate, so we hope you will join us on April 23rd for our Silent Auction (“Bluegrass, Brews, and Bids”) in Greenwood Village at 7:00pm (early bidding begins at 6:30pm). It is going to be a spectacular night in a beautiful location with bluegrass music, craft beer from Former Future, great appetizers, and over 40 wonderful items to bid on: broncos tickets, artwork, photography sessions, and so much more.  Proceeds will go towards our building campaign and contribute to the future God has for us.

Tickets are $20 and you can purchase them online at or at the door. And, of course, if you would like to help with our effort but cannot come that night, feel free to donate by sending checks to Church of the Advent: PO Box 9146 Denver, CO 80209.

Thanks so much for all Wellspring has done through the past five years. I pray our partnership can continue to remain strong and even grow in this new chapter of our ministry. If you have any thoughts or questions (or just want to catch up), I would love to chat more. You can reach me at God’s richest blessings upon Wellspring!!

God’s Peace,