Happy Birthday Wellspring Littleton!

Written by Rachel Miller

Wellspring Littleton

One year.  We’ve been together a year.  Worshipping in a gym for a year.  Setting up and tearing down for a year.  Greeting newcomers for a year.  Our kids have been learning about God’s love on a cafeteria floor for a year.  Recounting God’s great faithfulness to each other for a year.  Growing closer through serving, gathering, and loving well for a year.  Sharing the Gospel with the people of Littleton for a year.  A year.

When my husband, Luke, and I were praying a year ago about going with the plant or staying at Englewood, we were very unsure.  I wasn’t hearing anything from the Lord, and frankly, I liked our community at Englewood and I wasn’t interested in leaving them.  Tim Soots asked my husband if he would be willing to run the set up and tear down team, and it really gave us pause.  It seemed clear that God wanted to use Luke’s gifts in Littleton.  But still, God was silent in my prayers.  I kept asking, “Lord, I need you to speak to me about this.  I need you to tell me what to do.”

I was walking with a sweet friend of mine one day and recounting this confusing state of my heart and mind, and she said, “I wonder if God has already spoken to you.”  I quickly interjected, “No, He hasn’t said a word to me.”  She smiled sweetly and said, “I think He has.  I think He’s just speaking to you through your husband.  The question is whether you can trust that.”  I knew she was right.  God had been speaking to me.  God was asking me to trust the call he had clearly given to my husband, and to go with him in that.  And am I ever glad I did.  Being able to engage in Kingdom work alongside my husband has been so fulfilling and strengthening to our marriage.

Additionally, because we serve a God who gives really good gifts, He has been faithful to give us friendships that bloomed quickly as we have served beside each other.  Yes, the work of a church plant is difficult at times.  Never feeling like we have a physical space that’s ours.  But that’s also beautiful, because it reminds us what church really is.  The church isn’t our building, it’s our people, and being in a gym every week makes that the reality.  We are the church, and our lack of a traditional worship space keeps that at the forefront.

So church, let’s celebrate a year together!  You’re invited to a birthday party!  Wellspring Littleton will be celebrating on Sunday, April 17th from 6-8pm at Littleton Community Center.