Englewood Needs Assessment

Exciting things are happening down in The Well!  For the past several months, The Well staff members have been conducting a Community Needs Assessment of Englewood.  We have interviewed many clients of The Well, organized a focus group discussion of Wellspring members who live in Englewood, and interviewed several prominent figures in the city’s leadership and social service realms.  It has been an exciting and enlightening process, and we are happy to report that the results are in!

Included in this article is a copy of our detailed report, outlining our data collection methods, an overview of the current social climate of Englewood, details of the current “underserved demographics” in the city, and several potential ideas for action in response to our findings.  We hope you’ll take some time to read this document.  Some highlights of our findings include:

  • 17% of the student body at Englewood High School fits the city’s definition of “displaced” (or homeless)
  • 54% of the houses in Englewood are rentals, rather than permanent residencies
  • Englewood (like the rest of the Denver Metro Area) is currently experiencing a high level of gentrification, which leads to both positive and negative results

As we begin the process of determining Wellspring’s response to this assessment, we would deeply appreciate your prayer.  In fact, we will soon be gathering a prayer team to seek God’s guidance as we develop an action plan.  We anticipate a large amount of opportunities for congregational involvement in this process, so we hope you will keep The Well on you radar.  Any of The Well’s staff members (John Nordlander, Mike Sandgren, and Marlene McGuire) would love to talk about the assessment, so feel free to approach us with any questions.  We look forward to keeping you updated as the process of serving our community continues!