Serving the Littleton Community: Men's Ministry Reaches Out

By: Mary Feeney

Wellspring Littleton

Without community, to whom do you turn to with a physical need you cannot meet yourself? That’s the position that some in the Littleton community have found themselves in lately. Through connections at Bemis Library and the Life Center, the men of Wellspring Littleton have been able to help a single mom and a disabled lady in the neighborhood of the church plant. Luke Miller and Derek Roberts showed up to wrestle old appliances out of the basement town home of a mom who had no family and friends to call on for help. This upcoming week, Derek will come alongside a disabled woman with a troubled garbage disposal giving assistance using his handyman skills. Plans are forming for men to serve more regularly in this capacity.

While it is easy for many of us to take for granted the convenience of calling in a few friends to help us haul heavy items, or shelling out the money for a plumber, those without resources do not have this luxury. Addressing this lack of physical and relational resources, the men of Wellspring Littleton aim to use these service opportunities to be the church body outside the walls of the church. They do not know how their service will impact the single moms and disabled people they have and will serve; yet they do know that they have loved and served the least of their neighbors—doing so from the abundance our Lord has given his beloved sons and daughters.